Registration – “Kids Chance”

Initial contact and reservation

Tel: 03476 / 3860 – 501 (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Fax: 03476 / 3860 – 4950


Management of the funding therapy “Kids-Chance”

Katalin Moricz
available by phone via the reservation.

Management of the children’s therapy facility
Reha Radkersburg, Kids Chance

Dr. Evelin Puklavec

Specialist in Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Phone: 03476/3860-4566

Medical management
of the company
Reha Radkersburg, Radkersburger Hof

Prim. Dr Wolfgang Kubik
Specialist in Neurologists

Allocation options, costs

The request is “Intensive Support Therapy”.

There are several diagnoses that can be used as an assignment reason. Some of them can be found on the page “For whom?”.

However, it is not possible to deduce from the diagnosis whether a therapy makes sense. This decision is made by a specialist (pediatrician, neurologist, neuro-orthopedist, …). We strive to find the optimal therapy environment for your child, so we invite you to an initial interview.

The costs of inpatient therapy can be requested at the Kids Chance Reservations Office (tel. 03476 / 3860 – 501). Styria and some other federal states cover the costs in accordance with the Disability Act. The Kids Chance also has a contract with the state of Styria. You can also find out which costs are covered in the social units of the district headquarters.

In some federal states (e.g. the city of Vienna), the costs are covered by the health insurance. In the absence of a uniform system, we recommend that you check with the relevant authorities in advance. Offices and health insurance companies that do not know us, we kindly ask you to contact directly. Our performance is often compared with neurological rehabilitation, which includes roughly the same range of services.

If the state or the health insurance company assumes the costs, we charge directly with these agencies.