Ways to us

The deficit of the child is usually determined at a pediatric clinic, by a pediatrician or orthopaedic surgeon. For the optimal development of the child, the timely promotion of favorable movement patterns is necessary.

The idea of therapy should be given when parents themselves notice a developmental deficit, i.e. they realize that their child does not have the abilities of children of the same age (e.g. cannot turn around, cannot sit up, walk) or an arm or one leg is neglected.

First contact

You have the opportunity to simply inform yourself or to inquire without obligation at the Kids Chance whether we can offer the right support therapy for your child. We kindly ask you to make an appointment by phone or email.

The presentation of the child is free of charge and non-binding and is carried out together with the medical director and the therapy management of the Kids Chance. Based on the child’s previous development, current findings and parental history, therapy goals are derived. At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the available therapy options and you will receive information about the possible reimbursement of costs as well as the exact course of the stay at the children’s therapy centre of the Reh Radkersburg.


Due to the contract with the State of Styria, it is possible to offer our support therapy (with appropriate indication) without any financial hurdle for the parents. The entire service (therapy incl. accommodation and accompanying person) is financed by the state of Styria. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit an application via the district headquarters. The expert doctors of the Federal Social Office then decide on the possibility and the temporal extent of the therapy.

There is currently a contract with the Land of Styria for the offsetting of this form of therapy. If you come from another state, the payment of the costs must be clarified, whereby we are happy to assist you on request.