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Indications for the Children’s Funding Therapy of the Kids Chance

Funding therapy

Whether your child can benefit from the therapy in the Kids Chance depends not on the diagnosis, but on his or her shortcomings and abilities. However, we can cite some examples of diseases that are particularly well interpreted by our funding therapies.

Examples of such diagnoses are:

  • Infantile cerebral palsy (ICP) with various disorders of motor function and perception
  • Spina bifida (MMC, myelomeningoceles)
  • Genetic defects with motor and sensory developmental disorders or weakness (e.g. spinal muscular dystrophy)

There is no age limit. As soon as a developmental disorder or delayed development becomes apparent, it is already possible to come to therapy with us.

Babies come into a special group, which we call “parent school”. In doing so, the mother (or father) learns how to optimally support her child in general use, what to look out for, what to avoid.

We are also happy to advise you when it comes to comparing different forms of therapy that we do not offer.

What we don’t do: remote consultation. Only when we have seen your child can we say whether it is suitable for our form of therapy. This consultation takes place in an initial review to which you will be invited. In this way, we assess medically (neurologically) and therapeutically, which goals we could pursue in your child in real life or whether our support therapy is suitable for this purpose. You will receive a report of findings, which you could also use for your further therapy decision. This examination is free of charge. The only strain you have to endure is the trip to Bad Radkersburg.

To make an appointment for such a medical/therapeutic assessment, it is best to call us.

  • Medical management, Prim. Dr. Wolfgang Kubik Tel. 03476/3860 – 4566 (Secretariat, Mrs. Bilger), or by direct mail
  • Therapeutic management, Mrs. Katalin Moricz by email

Neurological rehabilitation

We are also able to take in children for rehabilitation after surgery or acute neurological diseases.

Examples of such diagnoses are:
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  • meningitis, encephalitis, e.g. measles encephalitis, FSME and other
  • severe skull-brain traumas,e.g. after accidents
  • Drowning victims
  • Brain tumor

You will be contacted via the reservation:

  • Reservation REHA Radkersburg Tel. 03476/3860 – 501, FAX Nst. 4950
  • Further information can also be found on the homepage of REHA radkersburg | klinik maria theresia