Imprint is a page of

Prim. Dr Wolfgang Kubik

Medical Director of
Reha Radkersburg,
Radkersburger Hof

Thermenstraße 24
A-8490 Bad Radkersburg
Phone: 03476 / 3860 – 4566
FAX: 03476 / 3860 – 4593

Kids-Chance is an institution of
Reha Radkersburg,
Radkersburger Hof

Goals of

  • Presentation of the children’s therapy center “Kids-Chance” of the Reha Radkersburg
  • Information on diseases that lead to developmental disorders in childhood
  • Explanation of neurological deficits
  • Therapy options for neurological and orthopaedic deficits or handicaps, especially in children
  • Therapeutic tools for those affected
  • Addresses of self-help groups


The imprint of the Reha Radkersburg can be found here:
Reha Radkersburg, Radkersburger Hof