Children are Our World

Dear children, dear parents

Time passes – for us and our children alike. They grow, they mature. We accompany and support them in this process.

Every time it’s said, “this will be the last stay at Kids-Chance,” we face it with a sense of melancholy. But life goes on afterward. Therapy stays in Radkersburg are still possible beyond this point. For young adults, we offer follow-up stays at the Klinik Maria Theresia of the Radkersburg Hof, which serve as “rehabilitation” following the support therapy at Kids-Chance.

The goal is to maintain the independence achieved, to achieve further improvements in daily life skills, and to prevent secondary damages. Since the operation of Kids-Chance is connected to Reha Radkersburg, it is even possible that one may encounter some therapists from Kids-Chance again as a young adult.

March 2024: Normality returns

We can once again focus more on the development of our children: The essential support of all children and adolescents, including those with special support needs.

In a world full of change and challenges, the importance of our youngest generations is particularly important to us: Children actively shape our future! Their openness to new experiences, adaptability, and the development of creative approaches make them a valuable part of society. Special attention deserves the group of young people who do not conform to the average and thus bring specific requirements. They may show deficits and delayed development from some perspectives, but they also possess unique abilities and offer us the chance to see the world in ways that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Here are some thoughts on why all children, including those with specific challenges, are so important for our future and how we should optimally support them.

The Unique Role of Young People with Specific Requirements

Children who must master specific challenges bring important perspectives into our society. Their experiences in dealing with obstacles teach us lessons about resilience, innovation, and the importance of accessibility and inclusion. Their viewpoints help shape a society that values and promotes diversity. By overcoming barriers, these young people make significant contributions to societal progress.

Education and Individual Support

Education tailored to the individual needs of each child is crucial for supporting all children, especially those with specific requirements. Educational institutions must be equipped with the necessary resources and adjustments to enable inclusive learning. Measures such as individual support plans, access to specialized support services, and the use of technical aids are essential to assist these children in their development.

Importance of Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

The mental and emotional well-being of children facing specific challenges deserves special attention. They may be exposed to particular stresses resulting from isolation, discrimination, or misunderstandings. It is therefore of utmost importance that they have access to a supportive environment and specialized psychological services. For this purpose, we provide the necessary framework at Kids-Chance.

The Strength of the Community

Supporting children with specific requirements is a task for the entire community. Families, schools, communities, and organizations must work together to create inclusive environments. Through commitment to inclusion and the active participation of these children in all areas of life, we promote a culture of respect and acceptance.


Children, including those with specific challenges, are central to a fairer, more sustainable future. Their unique perspectives and experiences enrich our view of the world. In Bad Radkersburg, we have created Kids-Chance, a model child therapy facility that considers all these aspects. This facility enables optimal support for each child, tailored to their individual needs. By investing in their development, promoting their well-being, and providing a supportive community, we enable them to unleash their full potential and bring about positive change. It’s up to us to support and empower every young person so that they can make their unique contributions to shaping our world.

Best regards from Bad Radkersburg!

Best regards from Bad Radkersburg

Medical Director Dr. Wolfgang Kubik, Medical Director
Katalin Moricz, BSc, Therapy management
Dr. Evelin Puklavec, Senior Pediatrician
OA Dr. Sabine Prager-Puntigam, Pediatrician